UK Grain Lab

Sunday 4th and Monday 5th November 2018

Nottingham, UK

UK Grain Lab is an annual meeting of farmers, millers, plant breeders, bakers, cooks, scientists and academics providing an opportunity to bake together, eat, drink, learn from each other and talk about the future.

We will share stories, skills and strategies inspired by visitors from around the world with a view to advancing a more diverse UK-based grain economy.

The 2018 edition will accommodate 120 attendees, spread over three different venues. The two days will include talks, workshops, discussion groups, shared meals and music presented by and for people working with grain. 

Topics will include innovation in plant breeding, soil and grain diversity, sharing and collaboration; sustainable farming practices; new food production business models and techniques, food security and sovereignty. Our vision is for shorter, healthier, and more diverse supply chains, where provenance is celebrated and rewarded.

UK grain lab is organised by volunteers and facilitated on a not for profit basis. The event is facilitated with generous support from Small Food Bakery, Primary, Tough Marys Bakehouse and Ottar Chocolate.


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People behind UK Grain Lab

The U.K. Grain Lab is organised by a team of volunteers and facilitated on a not for profit basis.

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Kimberley Bell

Owner and founder of Small Food Bakery in Nottingham, Kimberley Bell is driven to see communities at the heart of baking, and for communities to embrace baking with a whole farm ethos. Kim’s ongoing project, Shorten the Food Chain, is a socio-economic study and experiment looking at the impact a food manufacturing business has on its supply chain.

Having travelled internationally and been inspired by like minded collaborations such as the US Bread Lab run by Dr. Steven Jones, in 2017, Kim curated the first UK Grain Lab Gathering in Nottingham. Now an annual event, Kim is a driving force in seeing many more people come together to share, learn and collaborate within the baking and grain communities.

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Alba Colomo

Alba Colomo is a Spanish curator based in the UK. A pillar of support behind the UK Grain Lab, Alba has been instrumental in using her knowledge and passion for social projects to support the fruition of our 2018 event.

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Isabel Kelly

Isabel Kelly has worked in the bakery and food industry for over 10 years and is passionate about how we can collaborate and positively influence each other to drive change across small and larger scale bakery businesses.

Having visited and participated in Dr. Steven Jones’ Grain Gathering in the US, along with many other bakery collaborations, Isabel is working behind the scenes to support UK Grain Lab and the launch of our new Grain Catalogue.