barber II wheat

Grower: Gilchesters Organics


Name of farm: Gilchesters Organics

Name of crop: Barber II 

Provenance / relationship with seed: Steve Jones, Bread Lab WSU, variety bred for US chef Dan Barber 

Description: A very high protein, full flavoured strong wheat flour from this awned hard red winter wheat. 

Availability: 10 tonnes

Available for purchase: 30/10/2020


Grower: George Young 


Name of farm: Fobbing Farms

Name of crop: Wakelyns Population Wheat

Provenance / relationship with seed: This is my first year growing Wakelyns (YQ) population wheat.
I am a zero-tillage farmer, and consequently the end product is not “organic”. However, it only received pre-emergent weed control, and zero other inputs after that. Most importantly, my zero-cultivation method of growing means I have very ecologically rich soils. 
I tested the grain with NIAB with protein coming back at 11.85% and a very high specific weight of 81kg/Hl. Please have a look on my Instagram @FarmingGeorge to learn more about how I grew it, and my general farming ethos. Instagram also has links to my burgeoning YouTube channel: an episode about my YQ will be up soon. 
My harvest 2019 crop has already been established, and will be grown identically to this year’s. However the land has received composted cattle dung. I’m growing 2ha this year, so expecting between 10-12 tonnes available.

Description:  As far as I’m aware, this will be great for bread. I will be getting my crop cleaned reasonably soon (by end of November latest): it will then be available as grain, and I will also be doing a small amount of milling (with a Komo mill).

Availability: 4 tonnes

Available for purchase: 01/01/2018


Available now

Grower: Lucy Bates


Name of farm: Dogwood Farm

Name of crop: Squarehead Master

Provenance / relationship with seed: Co-product of thatching straw. Locally shared seed. 

Description: Thatching first. High protein (16%), high Hagberg (382) but low gluten. Sourdough baking. Nutty taste 

Availability: 4 tonnes

Available for purchase: 6/10/2018